SpyNoMore v2.67
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SpyNoMore v2.67 Full Final Version 2008

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SpyNoMore v2.67 - Powerful spyware, trojans, adware cleaner tool.

SpyNoMore scans, cleans and blocks spyware as well as any other good anti-spyware product, but
with one big advantage, Custom Fix (patent pending). Spyware programs are growing more
sophisticated by the day. Spyware writers show up to work daily and write new spyware programs,
which keeps them a step ahead of anti-spyware programs. Hence, relying on detection database
updates alone is proving less and less effective. That is why we came up with Custom Fix which
is a unique tool that guarantees removal of any infection.

Described briefly, if your PC is infected with a stubborn spyware that is just not being removed
by conventional anti-spyware methods, Custom Fix allows you to upload a report to our server for
manual review. Our Technical Support Staff will review your report, pin-point the problem, and
issue you back a "Fix" that is specifically tailored to address your problem.

Features include:

Huge Anti-Spyware Database guarantees removal of existing infections

Active Protection blocks new spyware BEFORE they infect your PC

Host Blocking ensures that known spyware-spawning websites are always blocked

Vaccination feature inoculates your system against inbound threats

Ticket-Based HelpDesk ensures a timely and professional response

Custom Fix (patent pending)

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