Auction Auto Bidder v6.1.601
Auction Auto Bidder is now better than ever With Version 5.0!

       Auction Auto Bidder 4.1 was already by far the most sold sniper software on eBay, now version 5.0 adds a ton of features to an

        already superior software!

        What's new in 5.0?

        · Bid group support (group several auctions of an item you want,

          and the software will automatically attempt to win one after

          the other in the group until one of them is won at your maximum

          bid or less, and then cancels the bids on the other items in

          the group, this prevents you from having to wait and see if you

          are outbid and then find another item)

        · Built in tabbed web browser (open multiple web pages and switch

          between them in a single click)

        · Favorites menu allows you to add your favorite pages such as

          searches, sellers, or any other webpage

        · New easier to use interactive items list with one click access

          to all options

        · Powerful list filter option allows you to apply one or more

          filters too see only the items you want

        · Fully supports using international eBay websites

        · Ability to leave notes for items

        · Three view modes (list & browser, list only, browser only)

        · Auto Scroll (automatically scrolls down pages and goes to next

          result pages to allow hands free browsing)

        · Now detects when "Place Bid" button is pressed on auction page

          and the program opens the bid dialog

        · Auto sign in now works on and other international

          English eBay websites

        · Displays lock sign in status bar when displayed webpage is over

          a secure connection

        · Ability to bid as little as 1 second before the end

        · "Frequently Asked Questions" added to Help menu

        What's the catch? Why is this superior software being sold for

        about the same price as the competition?

        There's no catch, the fact that Auction Auto Bidder is by far the

        most sold sniper on eBay is what allows this superior software to

        be sold for such a low price! But this low price may not stay

        forever, depending on the success of this new version, the price

        may be increased.

        No hidden fees or monthly costs, only a one time purchase price.

        Guaranteed to not contain any spyware and adware.

        1822 registered users, most of the many suggestions they sent are

        now part of Auction Auto Bidder! Keep sending your suggestions,

        they are what made Auction Auto Bidder the best auction sniper

        software! Most sales come from users recommending it to friends!

        Free automatic updates for life!

        Contact me for a FREE DEMO and see for yourself why Auction Auto

        Bidder is the best, you will then need to come back to this

        auction page when you are ready to purchase the software.

        Why snipe (bid in the last seconds) rather than use eBay's


        · Win items at a lower cost since no one will have time to outbid

          you, if you bid a long time before the end, eBay will email the

          previous high bidder to let them know they've been outbid so

          they will most likely come back and outbid you causing the

          price to increase, this software prevents this and often pays

          for itself on the first use

        · Increase your chances of winning since people wont have time to

          outbid you

        · You can decide to remove your bid up to the last minute since

          it is only sent to eBay in the last seconds

        Also works as a fully featured web browser optimized to make

        browsing eBay faster & easier.

        Very easy to use

        Auction Auto Bidder is so simple to use that anyone, including

        novice computer users can be using it within minutes without even

        having to read instructions, thanks to the user friendly

        interface and wizards which make installing and setting up a

        snipe as simple as entering your maximum bid! Auction Auto Bidder

        will automatically retrieve the item details and do the rest.


        · Supports an unlimited number of eBay accounts (purchase price

          allows up to 4 users in the same household)

        · Use it on any computer without ever needing a registration code

        · Will know that your copy is registered even if you get a new


        · Supports sniping, normal bidding, buy it now, watching and

          browsing eBay all in one convenient interface

        · Smart error detection will automatically retry the snipe up to

          5 times if it fails for any reason, insuring maximum


        · Very simple to use, just click the add auction button while and

          auction page is displayed then enter your maximum bid

        · Auction details (title, time left, current bid, etc.) will be

          automatically retrieved from eBay

        · Support for multiple item listings as well as "Buy It Now"


        · Stays synchronized with eBay and refreshes on specified

          interval, works independently from your system clock, so it

          bids on time even if your system clock is incorrect.

        · When an item is ending in less than 5 minutes, the program will

          refresh the details more often and ignore all items ending in

          more than 5 minutes to ensure all resources are available to

          bid on time

        · Built in search box to search eBay items from any page

        · Works as a fully functional web browser, browse the web while

          monitoring your auctions

        · Automatically signs in for you whenever eBay requests it

        · Can be minimized to the system tray

        You also get:

        · Free automatic updates

        · Free technical support by email

        · System requirements:

        System requirements:

        · Windows 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP

        · Internet connection

        What's new in version 6.1 build 601:

        · Helps improve compatibility with new eBay page layout, since

          the new eBay layout is a work in process some features may

          still be unavailable but this should at least restore the

          ability to snipe for users for which it no longer worked. More

          updates will be released to improve compatibility until eBay

          completes the new design.

        For More Information On Auction Auto Bidder Visit:

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