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LiveMath Maker
Computer Algebra System product. LiveMath is a computer algebra system. LiveMath Maker is a computer program you use to MAKE (and explore and experiment with and create) LiveMath. Any LiveMath you make with LiveMath Maker may be shared with the world via the World Wide Web, using the FREE LiveMath Plug-In for Netscape/Explorer.

Looks like Math - WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

intuitive actions to complete math operations allows you to see and work through intermediate steps

No Programming
Not programming language based. Made for the rest of us.

Easy Entry
Easy entry of symbols with a mouse click palette or from the keyboard

Powerful Graphing
Object-Oriented, Powerful 2D and 3D Graphing with incredibly-easy investigatory tools

Publish to the Web for FREE, interactive viewing with most web browsers … utions.rar